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15 October 2011 @ 09:21 am
Theater tickets + interview  
Well, I guess you're all aware that Psych is back on our screen. :-)

But in other news, group tickets (8+ people) are now available for Dulé's Broadway play Stick Fly.

According to broadway.com, "Stick Fly follows the LeVays, an affluent African American family who come together to spend a weekend at their stately Martha's Vineyard mansion. The adult sons, aspiring novelist Kent and golden boy plastic surgeon Flip, have each brought their respective ladies (one black and one white) to meet the parents. Food, drink and Trivial Pursuit tangle with class, race and identity politics in this contemporary comedy of manners."

Sounds interesting. I envy those of you who get a chance to see it! (By reason of geography, it's not possible for me.)

There's also a brief interview with Dulé at ology.com on the topic of Sarah Michelle Gellar.